Daily Thought: What is a Philosophy Universe?


A philosophy universe is a logical system whose formal system and semantics are specified in a metalanguage of multidiscursive coding.1 The greater emphasis on world-building is the generation of WFFs from its grammar and theorems from the WFFs via axioms and inference rules. Further, a toy philosophy universe is a philosophy universe where the semantics are either unsatisfiable or partial, i.e., the second formal system is only homologous to the first formal system.

By Nietszche’s God, Merleau-Ponty’s chiasm, and Land’s Occult: incorporeal universes or the virtual.From Husserl’s morphology of meanings to Goodman’s (de)composition to Sellars’ space of reasons to Feyerabend’s democratic pluralism to Deleuze’s virtual to Guattari’s metamodelization to Serres’ angels to Alain’s materialist dialectics to Bruno’s crossings to Slavoj’s dialectical materialism to Nick’s mythoi, the concept is maximally stabilized as a functor where categories are interpreted as discursive formations: quantity and relation, material cause and final cause, and actual and virtual.

What does Reza contribute? Prior to automation is mechanization. Prior to mechanization is formalization. Toward the future of computational metaphysics! Closer is the day the Continental Zalta arises.


Metaphilosophy, Kant, Laruelle, hyperstition, category theory, logical systems, Schizoanalytic Cartographies, neorationalism, Foucault, coding, abstract object theory, etc.


1 — Philosophy universe ~ non-standard logical system ~ hyperstition à la neorationalism; formal system ~ numogram; semantics ~ mythos; metalanguage ~ heterogenesis; multidiscursive coding ~ unbelief.

2 — The virtual is the multiplicity of actualities that cannot exist simultaneously. The limitation of the actual is the chiasm, the reality of the actual is God, and the negation of the actual is the Occult.


Daily Thought: What is Hypertranslation?


Philosophy must kill herself on behalf of her children. They must feed from her body. Don’t forget Eduardos’ dictum: anthrophagy = anthropology. Homophagy = xenoethology.

Forget taste! Discourse is a multipolar system. Rapprochement? Try to colonize a formidable enemy. English is the lingua franca because of British and American empire and social-economic-political hegemony.

The philosophy to be is not English. Is this a unipolar system? Rather, it is a Delphic future. Philosophy-as-Omphalos: the Google Translate of discursive formations. Minimal conceptual stability via maximal reference.1 Consult the oracle for olog-theoretic functors. Like money, it ought to be the ultimate anamorphic object, i.e., a post-Babel hypertranslator.

Henceforward, what will nourish them? This body-with-organs: this desiring-machine. Emic, not etic. Subject naturalism, not object naturalism. Do not forget. Do not forget! Jungle ‘pataphysics is the de-m(e)ontology of the archive.


Metaphilosophy, Viveiros de Castro, Bourdieu, argumentation theory, international security, translation studies, Greek mythology, navigation, Deleuze-Guattari, ‘pataphysics, Meinong, etc.


1 — Mathematics-as-Omphalos: the English of discursive formations. Maximal conceptual stability via minimal reference.